Toasted Cheese hasn’t given me a second to breathe in 2015. We had about 75 entries for Dead of Winter and I read each one, reread about 20, reread about 6, then ranked those few. I didn’t even get to touch the January shortlist but I did do my share of shortlisting December submissions. I also reread the shortlist for our 2015.1 issue (coming in March). I haven’t done an editor’s pick yet but I usually have one. Once the dust settled on DOW, I got back on track with the Pen In Each Hand (PIEH) Podcast even though my mic isn’t USB 2.0 compatible. It didn’t want to cooperate today so I wrote the scripts for some podcasts instead. Then I worked on our 2015.1 SnarkZone. Next will be catching up on February submissions. I may be able to take a breath on the 27th.

Editoring is hard.

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