I’ve written professionally since 1995, when I began as a stringer for a weekly newspaper. I moved on to become the bureau chief (ie: editor) of one of five newspapers in the chain and worked in newspapers until I became a freelance writer and editor.

I maintained a weblog called “So anyway…” from November 2001 until roughly the end of 2010, with a few prompt-reply type entries since.

The majority of my non-fiction consists of articles and editorials for TC.

Creative non-fiction (CNF)
“Haggis-spotting,” published in Journal of the Blue Planet

Essays and editorials
unless otherwise indicated, published in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

404: Not Found (with Theryn Fleming) | altering the past / why TC won’t remove published work

A Little Writing | balancing writerhood and motherhood

All Writers Are Independent But Some Are More Independent Than Others | independent authors, publishing, and online interaction

An Observer in My Own Life | for a writer, everything is material

Bad Dialogue (with Amanda Marlowe) | how not to write dialogue

The Borrowers | plagiarism

Count Me In | what “counts” as writing

Got to Get You into My Life | daily doses of poetry

Help! Help! I’m Bein’ Repressed! | when rules have their place

Meanwhile, Behind the Scenes… | working within an editorial collective

Nineteen Days | writing 63k in three weeks

Question Authority | don’t believe every writing expert you hear

Save Today | Being a Wonder Woman for other women writers

The Spirit of the Snark | generosity

The Storytellers | why we love Antoine Dodson, Sweet Brown, and Charles Ramsey

Strive Toward the Light | The first female politician I admired was Princess Leia

Tell Me A Story | discovering the genetic component of storytelling

To Discover a Mockingbird | the publication of Harper Lee’s discovery draft

What this editor has to say about articles for writers will SHOCK you! | the assumption of “must-do”

Write What You Dig | please one reader: yourself

#writerwin | agent, editor or writer we all have the same goal: success

You Are Not Your Work | reader criticism and author response

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