I started writing erotica for the pay (and the pleasure) and ended up enjoying the challenges presented by writing micro-erotica. The majority of my erotic stories have BDSM themes and my style has been described as “artistic, interesting, and passionate.” I also like the challenge of incorporating traditional elements of fiction while adding erotic elements.

I retired from erotica writing in 2004.

Flash fiction

“Air” // “Animal” // “Bound” // “Cotton” // “Delivered” // “Freesia” // “Knots” // “Mystery” // “Need” // “Panties” // “Ritual” // “Service” // “Spring” // “Stolen” // “Strength” // “Strip” // “Vertigo” // “Want”

Amoret‘s Author of the Month, April 2002

Short fiction

“Envy” published at Mind Caviar
“Envy” republished in Best Women’s Erotica 2003

“Master” published at Every Night Erotica
“Master Zayd” (previous version of “Master”) published at Abby’s Realm

“Possibilities” published concurrently at Asexystory and at Radioactive Sex

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