These articles about writing have appeared as “Absolute Blank” articles at Toasted Cheese. I currently edit Toasted Cheese with several other talented writer/editors. I also produce the “Podcast In Each Hand,” which appears fortnightly at our site.

published at Toasted Cheese unless otherwise indicated

Absolute Beginners | how to start writing

Been There, Zine That | how to create your own zine

Begin the Blogging | beginning blogging

Bells & Whistles | adding layers to your writing

Creating a Monster | interview with K. Allen Wood

Creating an Online Writing Portfolio | making an online portfolio

The Critique Zone | how to receive critique

Delicious Morsels | interview with Bizarro Fiction Author Jeremy C. Shipp

Drunken Comic Book Monkeys | interview with Brian Koscienski and Chris Pisano

Editing and Abandoning | final fixes and letting go of your stories

Emotional Terrain | interview with Vanessa Blakeslee

The 52/25 Challenge | interview with Lizanne Herd

Five Tips For Perfecting Your Contest Entry | simple things you can do to increase your chances of winning

For Emily | encouraging writers under 13

Fresh air and verbs are good for you | writing and summer vacation for teen writers

Gifts For Writers | any occasion

Horror and Sorrow and Beauty | interview with Mercedes Murdock Yardley

Imaginable Horror | beginning to write horror

Nobody’s Perfect | shortcuts for creating imperfect characters

Organize Your Story Online | Using Pinterest, Tumblr, other apps and/or platforms to create idea books

Procrastinating With Purpose | putting off writing is okay

Publishing and Print-on-Demand: What POD is, what it isn’t, and when it might be right for you | with Theryn Fleming

Setting Yourself Up | basics of setting

Seven Writer’s Resolutions | writing resolutions

The Short, Sweet Guide to Writing Query Letters | how to write a query letter for fiction (updated)

Something To Talk About | basics of dialogue

[Toasted Cheese’s] Fifth Anniversary Party | Q & A With the Editors

The Virgin Page: A Peek at Writing Erotica

What We Were Reading in 2015 | Recommendations from the editors

Writer With A Capital “W” | treating yourself like a professional

Writer’s Glossary, Part I: Elements of Fiction Construction

Writer’s Glossary, Part II: Genres, Subgenres and Supergenres

Writer’s Glossary, Part III: The Business of Writing

Writing as a Not-So-Solitary Pursuit: Ye Olde Guide to Wryting Groupes | what writing groups do and how to start and maintain your own

Writing Flash Fiction | interview With Brevity Editor Dinty Moore

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